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Starting ... Oct. 5th
Country Cowgirls
Here's the Texas Team of Boatman and Beard. Both ladies appeared as 2010 Outdoor Girl features
for us. And since we're calling this Country Cowgirls ... I felt it only fitting that a couple of Texas
gals show what we're looking for. We really have no rules other than ... the photo needs a gal and it appears country and or cowgirl-ish. The panel here at says ... plaid shirt, denim jeans/shorts, boots, cowboy hat, straw, woods/timber, crop fields, old barns, old tractors or farm machinery, livestock, Beltbuckles and ... basically anything deemed "country" in the photo qualifies.
This photo was sent to me for the random page ... some time back. I never posted ... as we were receiving a fair amount of cowgirl themed photos. So ... this is the photo that actually created the gallery idea. I don't know either name for the gals ... so if anyone does, please enlighten me.
Nichole from left to right ... Cowgirl Hat and boots, .. working in the garden,
and wearing camo outdoors ... Those all work for the gallery.
Above ... Nichole hangs outdoors in the woods and on the beach. But ... not just any
swimsuit will do ... no, ... Country Girls hang out wearing a Camo Bikini !
So ... I asked the dynamic duo from Texas, the team of Boatman & Beard if they could help
provide a few more examples of what a Country-Cowgirl themed photo might consist of ?  
Well ... the above photos are ... Miss Nichole's GREAT examples ... and below are the equally
COOL photos examples from Miss Jenn. Thanks girls ... I appreciate your willingness to share.
Here we go ... left to right ... Jenn carrying a 100 pound sack like it's nothing, then running around barefooted in the woods ... and sporting the cowgirl hat and leather belt. These work great !
Duck hunting in the bay is certainly a country girl thing, & sticking a beer into your black and silver cowboy belt while boot scoot'n on the dance floor is another great example of the photos we're after.
Then, ... Jenn rounds out her examples with a pretty little sundress sitting in the
flowers along with her chocolate labs. Oh ... also counting is the wooden fence in
the backbround further making the photo country themed.
I think Nichole and Jenn have made it pretty
clear what this gallery is all about !
The Country Cowgirls Gallery
 .... will END December 31st
The next Photo goes here
Thank You Miss Brandi ... for sharing the photo above and the four below ! Check
out Bad Girl Kustomz on Facebook ! Give'm a LIKE and tell her you saw her
here in Country Cowgirls on, .... !
Say Hello to Brandi Cherry ... owner of Bad Girl Kustomz ! Miss Brandi is a Texas Gal so she
fits right in with Country Cowgirls just fine. And ... if you want to learn more about Bad Girl
Kustomz ... "Like" her Facebook Page ! (Whats not to like ??? ... girls, cars, trucks and big tires)
Rebecca Wolfe adds a few more photos from her recent Country Cowgirl set. Remember ... Delaine Spradley Photography took these photos. They do an awesome job. To see more of Rebecca from
the photo session ... Check out Delaine's Facebook Page. Tell'm sent ya !
Our 2012 1st Quarter Outdoor Girl ... Miss Rebecca adds another before we close.
Thank you Rebecca !
More Denim selections ... Jackets, Skirts, and I'm told jeans.
( though the photo on the right could be shorts or a skirt - but they all work )
American Cowgirls ... Yeah they belong here too !
Tennessee Whiskey makes me think Country Girl too !
Hanging out at the farm pond ... in your favorite plaid shirt ... Yep, that works.
Cowgirls on the ranch ... That fits in our gallery !
Miss Carol ... from North of the border .... shows us her Country Cowgirl side.
Red Boots or Brown ... work great for a Cowgirl.
More denim shorts and Cowboy hats .. we like'm all !
These ladies are still defending the Alamo !
Whether a Blue Jean Jacket or Blue Jean Shorts ... we call it Country.
Here we have .... Blue Jean Shorts, Cap and Big Truck ... that's pretty country.
This young lady could be the "Poster -Child" for Country Cowgirl !
There's a slice of American Country Cowgirls ...
Denim skirt and FORD 350's ... that's country !
This one was sent saying ... isn't Jessica Beil looking all Cowgirl Country ? Yep ... she sure is.
Say hello to The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders ... since the Houston Texans gals made it ...
thought we should add some Cowgirls from Dallas too.
That stare says ... Giddy up ! ( to me )
The Above 7 photos are shared by Miss Jennie Bishop. She's wearing jeans and
a cowboy hat while in many country settings. Plus ... if you want to check
out more of Miss Jennie's photos simply " Like " her Facebook page.
The collection above ... combines plaid and jean shorts as the Country theme.
Sometimes ... all it takes is just a hat !!!
The three photos above .... were sent in saying "Cowgirls wear cowboy hats" Okay ... thanks Tyler !
We are going to "Giddy-Up" all the way to the end of the YEAR ! Get ready for a GREAT RIDE !
Well ... HOWDY Girls !
The Houston Texans Cheerleaders ... that's Country
and I guess we should add the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders too ?
These ladies appear Country to us !
Boots, ropes, and Hat .... yeah that's Country Cowgirl !
Rebecca Wolfe ... above and below ... kicke off 2012 as's 1st
Quarter Outdoor Girl and now she helps end the Country Cowgirl gallery as well.
Rebecca Wolfe says ... " Lodgeman, as the 1st Quarter Outdoor Girl maybe I should end
the year as you started it " We say that's a great idea. Also, ... if you want to check out the
photographer who takes Rebecca photos ... go to Delaine Spradley Photography on Facebook.
Aaaannnnnddddd ... Once there ... you should also check out Rebecca's fan page too !
Boots, Denim, plaid shirt, Hat and Jack Daniels .... that's what all Country Cowgirls are made of.
This young lady certainly fits the Country Cowgirl theme !
Farm equipment, whether old or new .... seems Cowgirl Country to our staff.
Taking a dip in the creek is a Country Themed activity to us !
Girls and pick-up trucks certainly seem Country themed to us ! Thanks for sending Jim.
These three pics came in saying ... Cowgirls wear hats. Well, these sure do and wear'm well.
Miss Geri sports her Country look ... by standing by an old barn with's T-Shirt from a few years back.
The photo above and the 27 below kick off ... Country Cowgirls sporting DENIM 
and .... those denim boots are awesome.
Wow ... jacket & skirt ... both denim ... that's country enough for me !
Gals wearing denim shorts ... they can't go wrong there.
You gotta like a gal wearing jeans ...
Denim bikini tops ... that's Country !
It's DENIM DAYS .... at !
The above ... 28 photos are a gallery of Country Cowgirls all sporting denim jeans, shorts or a
jacket. Ieven think one photo is a gal wearing "painted" denim shorts. Eitherway, ... I've had many photos sent in with a denim theme ... Denim Days are here. Check out all the Denim wearing Gals !  
Miss Crytal Marie ... make sure you check out her fan page on facebook !
Here is Miss Crystal ... above and below right. She's not just a favorite of ours, ...
she's a favorite of many !
 The above photos are a collection of Country Cowgirls with a bikini theme. Leading the way
is's Florida favorite Crystal Marie ! She's been an Outdoor Feature for us
several times and being in the Country Cowgirl gallery only seems fitting. Make sure to check out
her Facebook fan page too. You'll be glad you did. The other photos were sent in from various folks and since the theme was bikini ... we thought let's take the chill off winter while the gals heat it up !
Above ... Miss Jenn Wilks and Pro-Staff Member from Texas for Team LODGE says, ...
" DAMN IT Lodgeman, ... I'm holding your sign wearing cowboy boots
and sitting on your Bar,  put my photo in the Country Cowgirls Gallery "
Whoa there Jenn ... maybe I was saving the BEST for last, as
the Country Cowgirl Gallery is getting ready to end very soon.  
Miss Gina kicks off the Cowboy Hat collection in style !
Here ... we have Candace Crick ... Team LODGE's very own looking Country Cute !
Cowboy Hats are the theme in the 15 photos above. Yep ... Greg sent several of these saying ...
" Cowgirls, they just gotta have a hat. "
Now ... the above 8 photos are a ramdom mix of Denim Bibs, shorts, boots and barn siding.
The four photos above are a collection of ladies with their trusty sidekicks !
The nine photos above are courtesy of Miss Ashley Cornett. She was a featured Outdoor
Girl for us several years ago. She says, ... " Hey Lodgeman, ... I have Belts, Boots, Denim,
Cowboy Hat, Fence, Truck, Fields, Swamps, and I'm even climbing a tree. I think I about
covered it all !"   Yeppers Miss Ashley ... I'd say you certainly did cover about every angle !
The above 14 photos have a common theme ... all gals are sporting a BELT ! Yep, ... the focus
on this selection headed up by Danielle Kitchens and Crystal Marie is merely the cool
belts each gal is wearing. Sooooooo, ... Giddy Up girls ... we sure love your belts.
Kelsy Hall ... above and below looks country in Denim or wearing a Bikini hanging out with race cars.
Kelsey Hall ...sports her plaid shirt and denim country girl style ... don't ya think !
The above 11 photos come courtesy of Mr. Dave ... and he says " Lodgeman, Country
Cowgirls should all be wearing Cowboy Hats" Well Dave, ... a cowboy hat will make
the photo land here ... so yours do make it, but we like everthing country too !  
Kamo Kristilee ... makes country look amazing !!! Check her Facebook page out too !
The Outlaw sends in this one saying ...
" Hey does that truck make this photo qualify?" ... Yep Rick, ... it sure does.
Above we have a nice group sent in by various sources & all pass the Country Cowgirl requirements!
Kristi Grant from SportyGirl ... check'm out on Facebook ...
looks great in a White hat or .... standing by a white fence.
Danielle says, ... Whatever ride I choose ... I do it country style !
Outdoor NockOuts above and below sport all thing Cowgirl Country !
Outdoor NockOuts girls appear to be all country ! Check'm out on Facebook !
That's one lucky horse !
Kristilee ... looks all country with any of her riding choices.
Kristi Grant from "Sporty Girl Apparel" is a real Country Cowgirl !
Danielle ... above and below ... shows us she's the real deal.
Danielle Kitchens ... shows us how "real" country cowgirls roll !!!
Now ... the 16 Photos above came to me saying ...
These Ladies have " HATTITUDE " ... and indeed they do !
Wow ... Giddy Up with the 13 photos below !
Okay ... my buddy Clint sent these 13 photos to me on a Text message saying ... " Lodgeman, if
you're looking for COWGIRLS, they gotta be wearing a HAT !!! " Well Clint, ... the crack pot staff
here at viewed the entries & thought they all were Very Cowgirl-ish ! Thanks.
And, ....  since we had a flood of denim entries ... I though one more of Miss Carol,  from B.C.
Canada should be added. Carol, sporting denim shorts, her M2C Camo shirt we sent her from
being in our "Staying Cool in Camo" gallery and she is even wearing a cowboy hat as well
makes a statement as country. She's as Country Cowgirl as it gets ! Thank You Carol.
The above 10 photos come courtesy of Mr. Jeremy who says, " Do denim shorts, skirts & bikini work ? " We looked them over real good & yeppers ... they work just fine. Thanks for sending them in !
These ladies make old bike, truck or cars all look very "ride-able"
Carol from the great white north ... makes heading down the path least traveled ... look pretty good.
And whether you wanna 4 wheelers or even bikes ... Country Girls do both !
Crystal Marie makes riding 4 wheelers look like a ton of fun.
The above several photos are a collection sent in from various people ... but the theme is ...
Country Girls know how to ride !
Johne Deere and Girls certainly make a Country photo everytime.
Christine ... says Cowgirls need a little time in the sun  ... I'd say ... she doesn't need to get any hotter !
Country Girls do need a nap every now & then ... Carol takes a break from her chores to relax a bit.
Miss Geri got so hot baling hay ... she needed to take a dip in the pond. That's pretty Country.
Gina make raking hay seem Country Cute ... don't ya think ?
Amber says ... even big ole trucks are cute.
Beka Garris ... a former Outdoor featured girl for us ... reminds us that "Country Girls"
have no problem getting dirty and crawling under the hood. There certainly are
all levels of "Country Cute". Well played Beka !
Above and below is the lovely Miss Sarah ... The princess of Winchester. Above is the
enlarged version and below is the original version. She certainly is ... Scott Co. Royality.
 Sarah Sellars ... the "Princess of Winchester". Isn't she a cute Country Cowgirl !
The above six photos came in from Doug, saying ... Cowgirl wear cowgirl hats. Thanks Doug !
I think the Cowgirls have spoken !
Danielle Kitchens says ... Lodgeman, Here's a Country Cowgirl ! ( She'd be correct .. WOW )
Crystal Marie above left, ... along with the other ladies
all make their claim that Cowgirls and horses go together !
Gina says ... Cowgirls wear hats and ride bareback ! I say ... Giddy-UP !
Kristi Grant from SportGirl Apparel says ... " Lodgeman, its not the jeans or the boots, ... 
 its the Hat and the Horse". I think she's the authority on Country ... so she might be right.
Make sure to check out her site and tell you saw it here at !
My buddy Tom sent the above 8 photos in saying ... its NOT about the jeans ....
its ALL ABOUT the BOOTS ! ... Giddy up Tom, I think you're right !
Crystal Marie does a little denim jeans advertizing ... for the Florida Jeans Co.
Seems very Country Cowgirl to me. And ... Give Miss Crystal a like on her FAN PAGE !
Eric sends these three saying ... its all about the jeans. Okay, .. I'm good with that too.
Katie Snyder says ... here's her country look. I would agree ...
either ride would be a fun country outing !
The 9 photos above were sent in asking ... do these plaid shirt gals qualify for Country Cowgirls.
Yes, ... they sure do. Thanks for sending Rick.
Misty from Texas in the above and below photos ... says, ... here's how we do it in Texas !
Well done Misty ... well done.
Pro Staff fishing GURU Deidra Bridger says ... "Lodgeman, is wearing denim shorts
standing in the door of a big truck with my dog in the back seat country enough ? "
Yeah, Miss D ... it cetainly is. Check out Deidra Outdoors on facebook. Subscribe too !
Arialle Gray in the above three photos gives us her Country look. I see denim, belts, crop field, a
gun, and she's even laying on top of a woven wire fence. That's all country to us ! Thanks Arialle.
Boots with a Bikini or boots with a dress ... both seem Cowgirl to us !
Sitting on a fence or standing on a bale of hay ... both fit the country Cowgirl gallery !
Our 2nd Quarter Outdoor Girl ... Miss Danielle sports her boots and hat.
Kristi Grant takes her horse for a swim ... that's pretty country. You learn more about Miss Kristi
at SportGirl Apparel ! Check them out and let her know you saw her at !
Pro-Staff member from Oklahoma Miss Candace Crick floats her way country style. Thanks Candace !
Kristi Grant of Sporty Girl Apparel makes a solid claim as one cool Country Girl.
Check out her Facebook page and or ... go straight to Sporty Girl on the Web !
Carol Boyd show us her Country Cowgirl look ... sporting her M2D Camo Shirt she won in the 
Staying Cool in Camo gallery we ran this summer. Now ... that is one Country Girl ! Thanks Carol.
It was just a matter of time before my buddy Dave sent me his favorite photos. Thanks Dave !
Well HELLO Ladies ! I think these 10 gals are Cowgirl types.
I think this is where I say ... WHOA ... Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy !
Cassandra ( a former Outdoor Girl ) says ... " Hey Lodgeman, is an ole well
pump and corn field country enough? " Yep. it sure is Miss Cassandra !
Rebecca Wolfe ... sports her Country look pretty well in the photos above and below.
Our 1st Quarter Outdoor Girl shows her Cowgirl side while waiting in the airport !
Miss Sarah from our local Loud & Proud Country Radio Station drops in's
World HeadQuarters doing a LIVE broadcast recently. Now, ... she's sporting blue jeans and
boots ... PLUS she's the BOSS at a Country Radio Station. Yeah, she belongs in the gallery !
Thanks Sarah for a great time. I'm proud to say, ... That I've "had" Sarah, ... in the shop !
Crystal Marie gives us 5 cool Country Cowgirl looks. I think we can all agree, ... they all fit here nicely. Thanks Miss Crystal. It want to see more of Crystal Marie ... like her Facebook Fan Page ! I did !!!
Christine Simon a M2D Camo prize winner from "Staying Cool in Camo" sends in her Country Cowgirl photos. The above seven leave me with only two words to say.  Mmm Mmmmmmm ... Giddy UP !
Rihanna even makes our gallery sporting a cowgirl hat !
Katie Snyder says ... I'm up in a tree, is that country ?
It's better than being up a creek without a paddle ! But yes, ... it is.
Danielle Kitchens sports boots, belts and big trucks ... all things county to us !
Candace Crick joins the County Cowgirl Gallery with a couple nice photos.
She is Half of our Pro-Staff from Oklahoma ! Check her Facebook page out.
Miss Deidra, ... half of the Pro Staff from Florida shows us her Country Girl side.
You can check out Deidra Outdoors on Facebook too !
Gina makes her case as a cowgirl. Horse, boots, plaid shirt, cowgirl hat, fence, barn, straw,
woods and a saddle. Yep, ... these certainly are Cowgirl Country ! Thanks Gina.
Miss Geri says .. is a big ole hay bale country ?
If it wasn't ... the cowboy hat on top would make it qualify.
Now this young lady is certainly in a con field during warm weather.
Why else would she be needing a little fresh air ?
Dave sends these two in saying, plaid shirt costs right? Yes Dave it does. Can you give me her name?
Sara Love says, ... " How are these for County Girl Photos". Well, lets see, Blue Jeans.
Blue Jean Shorts & pick-up truck then at the top ... wooden fence sitting on grass.
Our staff says, ... " YEP Sara  ... you're a Country Girl ! "
Carol Boyd steps in with her Cowgirl look. And I might add ... looking very good. Thanks Carol.
We will have M2D Camo prizes ...
 .... for several random winners.
Be sure to check out ... 
We'll start the gallery AFTER Women and Weapons ends ...
but we are taking photos now.
Send any County Cowgirl photos to ....