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Welcome to The Lodge Taxidermy and !

Jacksonville, Illinois Premier Whitetail Taxidermist

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Land of Lincoln
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Now Offers CUSTOM Hydrographic imaging.
We DO the WORK right here in our shop.
Other Taxidermists call us or other Artists.  
 * * * * * 217-371-0275 * * * * *

That's right. If you need that custom look on a skull or almost 
anything we are set up to do, ... we'll do our best to make it happen.

The Lodge Taxidermy & are the Jacksonville Area's Premier 
Hydrographic Artist. I have several sample pieces done to show off in the shop.
Or, you can see several more on display at Dunham's in the Hunting Department.
At any rate, / Lodge Taxidermy is your FIRST source when
it comes to Hyrographic imaging. I will happily talk with and go over the many
selections of patterns at's WORLD Headquarters.
Also ... Patterns choices can add to costs.
This process is a GREAT way to display a boar skulls, Bear Skulls, Deer Skulls or
any item. We can place a wide variety of patterns to personalize your trophy.
The Lodge Taxidermy Specializes
in ...... Custom SKULL artwork
* * * * * * * * Prices * * * * * * * *
Skulls ... all types
                          Bull - Elk ( with Antlers )                     .............                  $100.00
                       Bull - Moose ( with Antlers )           .................                  $100.00
                       Bovine - Cattle, Bison, Oxen          ................                   $100.00
                       Deer skulls ( with antlers )              ................                   $85.00
                       Deer Doe Skulls                           ....................                   $65.00
                       Hog/Bear Skulls ( Skull & lower jaw ) ..........                    $125.00
                       Coyote Skulls ( Skull & lower jaw )    ..........                     $75.00
                       All Smaller Skulls                             ...............                    $65.00
                       ( Beaver, Bobcat, Raccoon, Fox, etc. )
                      Special order patterns    ............ (Add to price) ......         $20.00
Also ... Patterns choices can add to costs. I can explain all
the details by phone or ... please drop in and we can discuss.
Prices are for Hydrographic imaging & based on a "Clean" skull ready to prime with 
sealer coat, paint base color & image. Any skull needing cleaned, removing all tissue 
inside and outside of skull, peroxide treatment, bleaching, gluing teeth back, and or 
repairing of any kind, Please refer to European Mount pricing on the Taxidermy page.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Other objects ?
We can hydrographic image almost any item. We're working
on several new items and will post photos soon. Any object
that can fit within our tank can be transformed. Keep
watching to see the gallery add our newest cool items.
 ( we do NOT work on GUNS, STOCKS or Bows ) 
Remember ... Patterns choices can add to costs.
* * * * * 217-371-0275 * * * * *
Patterns available and Companies that support us !
If you have a pattern in mind ... I'm sure has the connections to get it !
With litterally 100's and 100's of patterns available .... these are just a small sample
of what we can provide. We have many "In-Stock" but can special order "most"
patterns for a small fee. Any Special Order pattern will add $20.00 to cover small
size orders plus shipping and handling from supplier.
* * * * * 217-371-0275 * * * * *
Even if have a bleached skull already on display ... it can easily be transformed
into a NEW and cool work of Art. If that is the case, then no cleaning fee is charged.
You can call 217-371-0275 for pricing.
And Coyote Hunters ... Have you thought about having a Coyote Skull done this way ?
I bet not. This makes for another COOL work of art. And even trappers .... Coyotes,
Raccoons, Beaver, and Bobcat skulls are AWESOME cleaned and Hydrographically
imaged in this manner. Remember, a great variety of patterns exist.
More samples with more patterns are on the way ... but if you want that custom look for any
project you have, please call me today and we can discuss. The Lodge Taxidermy is West
Central Illinois LEADING source for Hydrographic Imaging. Call ... 217-371-0275 to learn more.
UNLIKE the other Taxidermy Shops in the area ... The LODGE Taxidermy DOES ALL
Hydrographic Work in house. The other guys are only the "Middle" man & "UP-Charging" 
you to simply take it to me or another artist. Please Ask "who" is doing the actual work.
* * * * * 217-371-0275 * * * * *
We can customize any object with any pattern making it a one of  kind ... a cool & Bad-Ass item.
Above , ... we have several different skulls all Hydrographically imaged
to add the extra flare for your trophy room. These really are a cool look
and a cool way to show-case your hunting experiences.
The Bobcat skull looks impressive once camo'd up with any pattern.
Call 217-371-0275 if you have any
old European mount you want to
have Hydrographicially imaged.